Translating Deco*27’s “Love Calender”: “1+1=1” and “RT”

descent Subs

So being the Deco*27 fanatic I am, I of course can’t stop listening to or singing all the songs on Deco*27’s “Love Calender”. Us Deco*27 fans were already acquainted with many of the headline songs in the album by the time it was released, including “Egomama“, “Light Lag“, “Sandglass“, “Love Distance Long Affair“, and of course the pre-release of “Taking Sweet Shelter” and “Heart’s Homing Instinct“. While all these songs are amazing (and have been translated by either me or someone else), I think it’s important to help provide Deco*27 fans who bought the album with translations and romaji lyrics (dat singalong) for the album original songs. So while I’m just getting started with this, today I will be bringing you the first two tracks on the album, Deco*27’s “1+1=1” and “RT”, both sung by Topi in her…

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